GSWS Feminist Book Club - February 2024

February 09, 2024

GSWS Feminist Book Club's February Book:


R. F. Kuang

HarperCollins Publishers (2023)

We generally enjoyed reading this book. Some of us found it a bit hard to get into, others fell straight in. We were overall a little bit confused about certain aspects, but pinpointed it to being down to the unreliability of the narrator, who we all deeply disliked. June was extremely unlovable and it was fun to be so invested in a story about someone we hated so much. We discussed the women's friendship and how it was almost portrayed as not a genuine friendship as well as explored the other side of it full of competitiveness and jealousy. We all agreed that the ending seemed abrupt and as if there was a change in genre, which fell flat for us. Some of us still really liked the book and the commentary it made on who is allowed to write about what. Some of us would not recommend it to a friend. 

Average rating is 3.9