GSWS Feminist Book Club - November 2023

December 12, 2023

GSWS Feminist Book Club's November Book:

Song of Solomon

Toni Morrison

Alfred Knopf (1977)

Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison is a lyrical and profound exploration of identity, family, and self-discovery. Morrison's captivating prose weaves together the journey of Macon Dead III, known as Milkman, as he embarks on a quest to uncover his family's history. The novel beautifully delves into themes of generational legacy, cultural heritage, and the complexities of love. Some readers in our book club found it confusing due to its intricate narrative, symbolic imagery, and layered storytelling, which can make it difficult to follow at times. There was a lot of questions going into the evening and a lot of them remained unanswered at the end, but a reason could be that most of us hadn’t read any of her work before, and therefore were not used to her lyrical writing style.

The average rating was 2.8