Advancing Health Equity

Advancing health equity, diversity, decolonization, and reconciliation is core to the Health Promotion Unit’s mandate. Embedding a focus on equity throughout our programming is an effective and successful strategy to support a thriving Healthy Campus Community. In collaboration with partners across SFU, we strive to create a culture of connection, belonging, and inclusion to support well-being for equity-deserving students.

In alignment with the university’s broader moves to integrating principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion on campus and building upon the advocacy and longstanding efforts from the Black community at SFU, the Health Promotion Unit on behalf of Health and Counselling Services is sharing insights and recommendations to support Black students’ wellness at SFU. This report distills recommendations derived through a collaborative process with students who generously invested their time and labour to support the collective well-being of Black students at SFU. The report below offers a consolidated set of recommendations across three domains of change in order to tangibly advance the health and well-being of Black students through a holistic, equity-centered, and trauma-informed approach.

This report aims to provide a holistic approach to well-being for Black students and adoption of these recommendations and inculcation of insights into existing practices will further emphasize the core value of health. These feasible and actionable steps chart a transparent and comprehensive path for leadership to strategically advance community and organizational goals for well-being.