Well-being in policy & academic settings

Academic departments and faculties strongly influence students’ experiences at university and provide a core setting for enhancing student well-being.

To learn how to embed well-being in academic settings see the Embedding Well-being in Academic Settings Casebook

Policy has a profound ability to impact student well-being. A policy may cause undue stress, anxiety, or confusion or it can facilitate access to resources, services, and supports.

To learn how to embed well-being through policy see: Well-being through SFU Policies and Procedures: A Guide for Action and Worksheet.

Recognizing Champions

Each year we've recognized champions for their outstanding contribution to a healthy campus community. View past projects and find inspiration from your community.

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Learning Environments

Health and well-being are essential elements for effective learning. In partnership with the Teaching and Learning Centre, we work with instructional staff to create conditions for well-being within learning environments.

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Physical Spaces

Well-designed spaces have the ability to positively impact mood, social connectedness, and learning. We work with a variety of partners to enhance the physical spaces on campus to support well-being.   

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