Well-being in Policy & Settings

Well-being in Academic Settings

Academic departments and faculties strongly influence students’ experiences at university and provide a core setting for enhancing student well-being.

To learn how to embed well-being in academic settings see the Embedding Well-being in Academic Settings Casebook.


Well-being through Policy

Policy has a profound ability to impact student well-being. A policy may cause undue stress, anxiety, or confusion or it can facilitate access to resources, services, and supports.

To learn how to embed well-being through policy see: Well-being through SFU Policies and Procedures: A Guide for Action and Worksheet.

For more background on these award winning initiatives, please read Background on SFU’s Healthy Campus Community initiative.

Recognizing Champions

Each year we've recognized champions for their outstanding contribution to the health and well-being of SFU. View past projects and find inspiration from your community.

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Explore ways to enhance well-being through academic settings and policies.  

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Learning Environments

Health and well-being are essential elements for effective learning. In partnership with the Teaching and Learning Centre, we work with instructional staff to create conditions for well-being within learning environments.

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Physical Spaces

Well-designed spaces have the ability to positively impact mood, social connectedness, and learning. We work with a variety of partners to enhance the physical spaces on campus to support well-being.   

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