July 26, 2021

Closed - RA Opportunity: Course Examples Beyond Personal Media Horizons

July 26, 2021

Research Assistant Opportunity

The Simon Fraser University Institute for the Study of Teaching and Learning in the Disciplines (ISTLD) invites applications for a research assistant appointment for the Teaching and Learning Development Grant project, Course Examples Beyond Personal Media Horizons, to begin Fall 2021.

Dr. Michael Filimowicz (SIAT/FCAT) project’s goal is to find out if there’s pedagogical value in having students play an active role in sourcing media examples that relate to course concepts, since this may better represent the cultural diversity of the students. The concept of ‘horizon’ in the project title as a reference to Gadamer’s concept of the ‘fusion of horizons.’ This notion is based on hermeneutic-phenomenological concepts relating to subjectivity always being situated within definable horizons which can fruitfully encounter the different horizons of others. The project is focused on the Fall ‘21 offering of iat313 Narrative and New Media.

Research Assistant responsibilities include:

  • Undertaking literature search and review;
  • Preparing a review of best practices of students playing an active role in sourcing media examples that relate to course concepts to inform assignment creation;
  • Assisting in survey and interview question design, including creating interview protocols;
  • Coordinating, conducting, and administering surveys and interviews;
  • Transcribing and cleaning interview data;
  • Conducting analysis and summarizing of survey data;
  • Analyzing student data, including a qualitative analysis of assignments;
  • Qualitative coding and analyzing student response data;
  • Creating a codebook based on learning outcomes achieved and emergent themes;
  • Contributing to the project’s final report; and
  • Attend regular meetings with the project lead, Dr. Michael Filimowicz.

Required qualifications, experience, and skills:

  • Currently enrolled in a graduate program at SFU;
  • Experience in research instrument design such as creating surveys, interview protocols, and interview questions;
  • Experience coordinating, conducting, recording and transcribing interviews;
  • Expertise with analyzing and summarizing data;
  • Expertise in qualitative data analysis;
  • Familiarity with qualitative data analysis packages/languages, such as NVivo;
  • Experience in conducting literature searches and reviews; and
  • Experience in academic writing as demonstrated in assessments or previous projects.

Rate of pay:  $23 - $26/hr (incl. vacation and statutory holiday pay, no medical or dental benefits) - based on experience, qualifications and degree program (PhD or MA/MSc).

Duration and time commitment: September 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. Up to 150 hours, with the possibility of additional hours.

To apply: Applicants should submit: including (1) a 1-page cover letter highlighting qualifications, skills, role responsibilities, and previous applicable experience as listed above, (2) a 1-2 page resume. These two items should be organized as one PDF attachment and addressed to Dr. Michael Filimowicz, and emailed to michael_f@sfu.ca, with the subject header: TLDG RA Position.

Note: References will only be requested from short-listed applicants.

Application deadline: Monday, August 9, 2021, 4:00 PM. We appreciate all replies to this posting; however, we will only contact short-listed applicants.

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