Parent FAQ

In-person lab protocols have resumed with COVID-19 precautions in place. Please contact for information about family research sessions (in person or over Zoom).

What happens at a family research visit?

We invite you and your baby to come play an active role in language development research at our lab.

Sign up to participate and we will contact you when we have a study available to you!

When you arrive at SFU a researcher will meet you and walk you to the lab.
There they will explain the tasks and ask you to complete consent forms for the family research visit.

After you have completed the forms the researcher will guide you through the tasks.

The tasks are short and should take no longer than 10-15 mins each.

Your child will be presented with their first degree and a small gift. A cap and gown will be provided for a mini graduation photo shoot.

After the study the researcher will explain the goal of the family research visit.

Who can participate?

Any parent and infant can sign up; we contact families based mainly on language background and age of child.

Where do the family research visits take place?

SFU Burnaby Campus, SFU Surrey Campus, and online over Zoom.

How long will a family research visit take?

Around one hour.

When can I schedule a family research visit?

We have flexible hours during the week (10-4pm generally).

We can also accommodate evening and weekend visits.

Can I bring my other children?

Yes! We have a play area with lots of books and toys for siblings to play with. We also have staff who can supervise and engage with them while you participate in the family research study.

Other family members are also welcome to come with you.

How can I hear about the results of the research?

After the study has been concluded we will post results and findings of the study to this website. We will also email a link to you.

Are there any other studies that my baby can participate in? How about older siblings?

Yes! Let us know if you are interested and we will connect you with other opportunities.

I booked a visit and need to cancel

Of course that is not a problem! Please call or email anytime:

  • 778-782-3955

Is there compensation for this study?

We are unable to pay for participation in family research visits, however we provide free parking and your baby will recieve a small gift, graduation photo, and diploma. Some studies also include compensation in the form of gift cards.

Why am I being contacted/How can I join the contact list?

You are in our database either because you enrolled in our parent registry or because we met you at a local family event (Vancouver Baby and Family Fair, Community Center event, etc.) and you expressed interest in learning more about infant and child language development. If you have not yet registered, feel free to register now.

What does this lab do?

Read about our research topics here!