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Looking to get more involved with our research? There are many opportunities to join us at the Language Learning and Development Lab.  

Join as a Researcher

Graduate Students

MA and PhD candidates interested in language learning and development are welcome to apply. Please see the site for prospective graduate students in the Department of Linguistics at SFU.

Post-doctoral Fellows

Post-doctoral fellows are also considered, and interested candidates should contact the lab director directly.

Join as a Visitor

Visiting Researcher

If you have overlapping research interests with the LangDev Lab, and wish to visit for a fixed time period, please contact the lab director.



There are several opportunities to come to the LangDev Lab as an undergraduate or graduate intern to do research in the lab, even if you are not affiliated with SFU. Here are just two ideas to start your search:

Join as an Undergrad

Research Assistants

Research assistants typically start in the lab as a volunteer. Features of this position include:

  • Substantial responsibility for a research project
  • A minimum of a two semester commitment
  • A schedule of ~10 hours per week (including 1-hour lab meetings)
  • Awarded a small stipend, depending on funding availability


To become a volunteer, submit an application as linked from the Opportunities for Students in Research page. New applications are considered only a few times a year, typically 3-4 weeks before the beginning of a new SFU semester.

Familiarity with language learning and development research is desired. SFU undergraduates who have high marks in language acquisition, applied linguistics, developmental psychology, and/or education courses will be given priority. Features of this position include:

  • Opportunity to work on a research project
  • Minimum of a two semester commitment
  • Schedule of ~5 hours per week (including 1-hour lab meetings)