Our Research

We explore the perceptual and cognitive basis of language learning.

Scientific Journal Articles

Book Chapters

  • Navarra, J., Yeung, H. H., Werker, J. F., & Soto-Faraco, S. (2012). Multisensory interactions in speech perception. In B. Stein & L. Bernstein (Eds.) The New Handbook of Multisensory Processes (p. 435-452). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Conference Proceedings

  • Yeung, H. H., Scott, M., & Granjon, L. (2016). Breathing position and the perception of consonants. In. J. Voix, & U. Berardi (Eds.) Canadian Acoustics (Vol. 44, No. 3, pp. 200-201). Ottawa, ON: Canadian Acoustical Association.
  • Miyazaki, M., Hidaka, S., Imai, M., Yeung, H. H., Kantartzis, K., Okada, H., & Sotaro, K. (2013). The facilitatory role of sound symbolism in infant word learning. In M. Knauff, M. Pauen, N. Sebanz, & I. Wachsmuth (Eds.), Proceedings of the 35th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (Vol. 1, pp. 3080–3085). Austin, TX: Cognitive Science Society.
  • Yeung, H. H., & Nazzi, T. (2013). Ostensive and referential object labeling helps infants learn generalizable sound patterns. In S. Baiz, N. Goldman, & R. Hawkes (Eds.) BUCLD 37: Proceedings of the 37th Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development (Vol. 2, 469-481). Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Press.

Community Resources

  • Language Learning and Development Lab. (2019). Learning the sounds of Skwxwú7mesh sníchim [Primer]. Simon Fraser University. (pdf)