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Welcome to the Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) Facility website.

FACS equipment

BD Jazz

  • Data acquisition and cell sorting capabilities (2 tubes, 24, 36,...96-well plates, slides)
  • Lasers: 488 nm (blue), 640 nm (red)
  • Band pass filters
    1. Blue laser: 530/30 nm (FITC), 585/29 nm (PE or PI), 692/40 nm (PerCP), 750/LP (PE-Cy7)
    2. Red laser: 670/30 nm (APC), 750/LP (APC-Cy7)
  • Software: BDsortware for acquisition, FloJo for analysis
  • Millipore Guava

    • Data acquisition only
    • Lasers: 488 nm (Blue), 640 nm (Red)
    • Band pass filters: 525/30 nm, 583/26 nm, 690/50 nm, 660/19 nm, 785/70 nm


    Funding for the FACS Facility was initially faciliated through a Tier I Canada Research Chair (to J. Scott) and provided by the following National and B.C. agencies, and units at SFU:

Location of Facility

The facility is situated in the TASC2 building, room 8130 (directions - click on TASC2).


Useful FACS Resources