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Molecular Biology Service Centre

The Molecular Biology Service Centre (MBSC) provides molecular biology support for life science research community in a time- and cost-effective manner. It builds on the idea that time and money can often be saved by consolidating routine or challenging cloning projects into a central facility operated by experienced researchers.

Due to the similarity and routine nature of many DNA cloning projects, they can be efficiently performed in the MBSC on a mid-throughput scale using common reagents and operations, thus reducing time and materials. Using this service rather than doing these tasks in the research lab can thus save time and money, and allow researchers to focus more on the discovery aspects of their research.

Outsourcing routine, specialize operations is not a new concept. For example, almost everyone uses specialized services for DNA synthesis and sequencing. Nonetheless, DNA cloning projects are not always routine and it is likely that graduate students should master essential cloning techniques before depending on the service.

[+]  Services (click on left [+] symbol to expand)

    PCR Cloning : PCR cloning of a DNA sequence in to a specific vector. This can be done even if there is no feasible restriction site to use.

    Sub-Cloning : Sub-cloning a DNA sequence into a specific vector. No identified restriction site is required.

   Site Directed Mutagenesis (substitution, insertion or deletions of any size): The mutagenesis can be applied to anywhere in a gene or vector. The substitution, insertion or deletion sequence can be any size up to a few kilobases (kb).

   Tagging,: Add tags before or after a gene in a construct.

    Domain Swapping: Generate chimeric proteins by domain swapping

    Vector Construction: custom vector construction.

TRANSFORMATION: Transformation of plasmids into bacteria


    Mini prep: users can supply 2ml of culture, OD 600>0.5, colony plates or glycerol stock.
    Max prep: users can supply 250 ml of culture, OD 600>0.5, colony plates or glycerol stock.


[+]  Types of Cloning/Mutagenesis processes (click on left [+] symbol to expand)

[+]  Fee Schedule and Turnaround Time (click on left [+] symbol to expand)

Cloning Type
(see above for details)
MBB SFU Academic
Type C1: most TA cloning, sub-cloning, PCR cloning projects $105 $115 $125
Type C2: blunt cloning specific, sub-cloning or PCR cloning with rare enzymes $135 $145 $160
Type C3: sub-cloning or PCR cloning no sites to use in MCS $180 $195 $210
Type C4: insertion or substitution anywhere $210 $230 $250
Mutagenesis Type
(see above for details)
MBB SFU Academic
Type M2: point mutagenesis: =24 bp $125 $135 $140
Additional mutation in same construct   $60   $60   $60
Type M3: mutagenesis 25-48 bp, deletion mutagenesis any size $165 $180 $190
Type M4: mutation, insertion or substitution anywhere $195 $220 $240
* Base charged is for process with  insert or substitute up to 3 kb, no limit on deletions, and end construct up to 12 kb.

Oversize and Other Charges:

Cloning Type  
Inset oversize* /extra kb (per extra kb over 3 kb) $20
Construct oversize**/extra kb (per extra kb over 12 kb) $20
Antibiotic selection other than Ampicillin $10
GC rich templates $20
Additional mutation in same construct (=24 bp)   $60
Amplifying from genomic DNA as template   $20

*Gene Size: the length of the gene in resulting construct, including any tags.
**Construct Size: the size of resulting construct, including vector and gene.
Turn Around Time
First process is around 10-15 working days, i.e. about 2-3 calendar weeks, with primer and sequencing transit time included; each additional process in same project add around 5 working days (about 1 calendar week). Note: turn around time is estimate, most projects will fall within the standard turn around time, but difficult projects may take longer.

All material costs are included in the service charge.  Fee arrangements for more complex projects can be negotiated, usually on a per hour basis.

Fee schedule for other services:

Service Type MBB Academic
Plasmid mini prep: from supplied grown culture $2.00 $2.25
Plasmid mini prep: from colony or glycerol stocks $2.50 $2.75
Plasmid maxi Prep: inquire inquire
Other molecular biology services inquire inquire

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Name: Ziwei Ding
Location: South Science Building 6120, SFU
Phone: 778-782-4090
e-mail: Ziwei Ding zding@sfu.ca


Name: Stuart Zong
Phone : 604-818-0169
e-mail:Stuart Zong zzong@sfu.ca