Dr John Shen received Technical Achievement Award for Integration and Miniaturization of Switching Power Conveters

November 27, 2023

Dr. John Shen, Director and Professor of Mechatronic Systems Engineering, was honored with the IEEE Power Electronics Society’s Technical Achievement Award for his notable contributions to the Integration and Miniaturization of Switching Power Converters. Recognized specifically for his advancements in MHz-frequency power MOSFET Technology, Dr. Shen's work has significantly impacted the development of ultrahigh density power converters. Since 2008, his innovative power MOSFET technology has been incorporated into supercomputers and high-performance servers, becoming a staple in powering today's cutting-edge AI chips. Dr. Shen received this prestigious award at the IEEE Energy Conversion Conference and Expo (ECCE2023) held in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, from October 29 to November 2, 2023.