Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing Bootcamp Short courses

Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing Bootcamp Short Courses


In partnership with Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium Canada (EMC) and Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME-MEC)

Upskilling for Canada’s Fourth Industrial Revolution

The first industrial revolution shifted workers from hand production to using steam- and water-powered machines. Electricity was adapted during the second revolution, while computer and automation technologies were embraced by industry in its third transformation. The fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) will see the emergence of cyber-physical systems that integrate robotics and automation with advanced digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics and IoT. Digital-twin technologies will enable virtual models of systems and objects using real-time data to allow engineers to run virtual simulations and troubleshooting of the physical assets. This digitization of the industry will allow automated processes that are faster, efficient and optimized. Not only will Smart Manufacturing increase efficiency, it will also improve worker safety, lower operational costs, improve and optimize supply chain management, and reduce energy consumption. The core of industry 4.0 is:

  • Advanced industrial automation
  • Data driven
  • Industrial Internet of Things (I-IoT)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)

Technology is only as good as the individuals trained to use it. Smart Manufacturing’s ultimate success depends on a highly skilled workforce, but currently, digitally skilled labor in the Canadian manufacturing sector is in short supply. To address this education gap, our Smart Manufacturing Bootcamp short courses provides opportunities for professionals in manufacturing, engineering, and management to learn how industry 4.0 technologies are applied to drive value for businesses, through both lectures and hands-on training using our state-of-the-art smart factory equipment.


If you are a professional working in manufacturing, engineering, and management, the Smart Manufacturing Bootcamps will enhance your skillsets and speed up your transition into the emerging Industry 4.0 market. Smart Manufacturing Bootcamps are also beneficial for:

  • Design and manufacturing engineers
  • Production plant supervisors and managers
  • Senior leaders in plant management and operations
  • Junior level operations and line specialists
  • Consultants


Your participating employees will be trained to help your company to embrace the opportunities offered by Industry 4.0, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

Program at a glance

SFU Mechatronics, in partnership with Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium Canada (EMC) and Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME-MEC), offers the following short courses in Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0:



  • Learn how the integration of data, connectivity, and advanced automation improves the visibility and transparency over the entire manufacturing enterprise which further enhances productivity.
  • Establish a foundational understanding of smart manufacturing including core underlying technologies.


  • Fundamental Concepts, Case Studies, Applications, and Driving Forces of Industry 4.0 (2 Hours)
  • Advanced Automation in Smart Manufacturing (2 Hours)
  • Fundamentals of Industrial Internet of Things (I-IoT) (4 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Basics (2 Hours)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in Smart Manufacturing Systems (2 Hours)
  • Laboratory Demonstrations using State-of-the Art Industry 4.0 Smart Factory (4 Hours)


  • Any professionals working in manufacturing, engineering, management, consulting, or other related fields.


A smart factory is an interconnected network of machines, processes, communication systems, and computing power. It is a cyber-physical system that uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to analyze data, drive automated processes, and to improve productivity, safety, product quality, and customer experience. 


  • Learn the architecture and building blocks of smart factories, in particular, how the integration of the smart factory building blocks improves quality and productivity.
  • Gain hands-on training using state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 smart factory from SMC. The training equipment includes programmable logic controllers (PLCs), collaborative robots, vision and RFID sensors, and digital twins.


  • Fundamental Concepts and Architecture of Smart Factories (2 Hours)
  • Fundamentals of Industrial Controllers (2 Hours)
  • Artificial Vision Systems (2 Hours)
  • RFID Technologies for Traceability (2 Hours)
  • Collaborative Robots (Cobots) (2 Hours)
  • Digital Twins (2 Hours)
  • Laboratory Demonstrations using State-of-the Art Industry 4.0 Smart Factory Facility (4 Hours)


  • Successful completion of Smart Manufacturing Bootcamp I training.