Prospective Students

What is Mechatronic Systems Engineering?

Integrating three engineering fields – mechanical, electrical and software engineering – SFU Mechatronic Systems Engineering addresses the growing demand for efficient high-tech solutions in an increasingly complex world. Our students are trained to become creative and elegant problem-solvers who also have the business and entrepreneurial skills to pursue new product launches.

What will I learn?

We train students in all key areas of the discipline, using a curriculum that evolves to keep pace with rapidly changing technologies. You will acquire a strong foundation in mechanical, electronics, control, software and computer engineering and spend at least a year in related industry work experience via our co-op program. You will also gain enhanced communication skills and invaluable entrepreneurial and business knowledge.

Where can my degree take me?

Our students have direct access to an expanding and rewarding high-tech job market. SFU’s MSE graduates can work in many areas of electrical, mechanical, computer and software engineering – especially in industries requiring engineers who can successfully work across various fields. Our grads may also go on to develop their own innovative start-up enterprises or take their academic research to the next level.



Potential Careers