Young Research Investigator Award, Shadi Momtahen

July 20, 2023

Shadi Momtahen, PhD candidate of Mechatronic Systems Engineering, SFU received Young Research Investigator Award for research and innovation at the BC Cancer Research and Invention Engagement event on May 11, 2023, which acknowledges the excellence and innovation demonstrated in her research towards BC cancer research.

Shadi also received recognition for her valuable contribution to BC Cancer's research and innovation efforts, which underscores the significance of her work in advancing cancer research.

Shadi, under the supervision of Dr Farid Golnaraghi, shares her success with her team members Maryam Momtahen and Dr. Heba Mohamed. Shadi is focused on leveraging cutting-edge machine learning and data science techniques to enhance the breast cancer scanning probe. The primary objective is to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment through the implementation of advanced machine learning algorithms, including ensemble learning and deep learning, using Python and MATLAB. Their research efforts have led to significant advancements in the detection of breast cancer abnormalities, reconstruction of functional images, and evaluation of chemotherapy response. Furthermore, they have developed an innovative imaging algorithm, enabling real-time breast cancer imaging and providing valuable insights into tumor morphology and treatment response. Additionally, they are actively engaged in developing deep learning models, incorporating convolutional neural networks (CNN), recurrent neural networks (RNN), and transfer learning, to predict disease progression.