Rapid Prototyping & Quality Control


  • Shop Safety Training offered at MSE (or equivalent)
  • Basic knowledge of plastic materials
  • Knowledge of CAD
  • Basic understanding of fits and tolerances
  • Training Information
  • Schedule (TBA)
  • Training Fee: $500 (for students in the Faculty of Applied Sciences(FAS);  $30/hr or $900 (for non-FAS students)


What is prototype?  Why we need prototyping? What are the different processes used for manufacturing of prototype parts?  What is the difference between Prototyping and Rapid-prototyping? These and similar questions are discussed in this course.  Students will learn and practice in detail how to manufacture a 3D model by using a 3D printer. Lastly students will learn and analyze parts on coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

Course participants will have thorough knowledge of Prototyping, Rapid prototyping and quality control process. A firm prerequisite of the course is completion of the Shop Safety Training offered at MSE (or equivalent).


Different Rapid prototyping processes are explained individually. Evolution in 3D printing technology and how it has affected the design and manufacturing industry is discussed. Rapid Prototyping is designed to familiarize students with the digital tools and techniques relevant to the task of visualizing and prototyping 3D designs. Focusing on products and sculpture as the primary areas of application, students are taken through a series of hands-on class exercises, supported with specialized video tutorials, in order to become more comfortable with the process of realizing their designs. The work with “Objet Studio” and “Objet 3D printer”. The Certificate culminates in the creation of professional 3D product visualization and a physical prototype model of the student’s design created with a 3D printer.

Course Objectives:

  • To make students aware of explosion in the Rapid Prototyping technologies.
  • To teach basic concepts behind all available systems 
  • Take a concept and produce a successful 3D model of it by using 3D printer.
  • Digital sculpting techniques
  • Recognize the physical limitations of rapid prototyping and its impact on the design process
  • Analyze a produced part by using coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

In-Class Course Topics:

  • Introduction to engineering design process
  • Prototyping
  • Categories of Prototyping
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Rapid prototyping Systems
  • Rapid change in 3D printing technology.
  • How to work with Objet Studio (Software for Objet 3D printers).

In-Lab Course Topics:

  • Brief introduction of Objet 3D printer.
  • Safety and work environment.
  • Starting up of machine
  • Loading Model & Support Material
  • Producing Models.
  • Post processing of models
  • How to use CMM.
  • Analyzing a part and creating an inspection report.


Last two classes will be open lab format. Group of two students will need to book an appointment to manufacture their design on 3D printer. They will also submit an inspection report of a given part by using CMM.

Students need to prove their newly learned skills in these last two sessions to be successful.

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