School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering celebrates 10th Anniversary

Mechatronics Day 10th Anniversary: A Decade of Excellence

On September 22, 2023, the School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering (MSE) marked a significant milestone as it celebrated its 10th anniversary. This momentous occasion brought together over 200 enthusiastic students, dedicated faculty members, and the hardworking staff, alongside esteemed alumni and guests. The event served as a tribute to a decade of groundbreaking achievements in the field of mechatronics.

The highlight of the day was a heartfelt speech delivered by Prof. Farid Golnaraghi, one of the founders of MSE. His speech was both emotional and passionate, reflecting on the remarkable journey of MSE. He touched upon the school's humble beginnings as a program within the School of Engineering Science in 2006 and its evolution into an independent school in 2013. Prof. Golnaraghi's speech resonated with the audience, reminding everyone of the dedication and hard work that had brought MSE to its current stature.

The special MSE Day celebration featured an array of events which included - Graduate Student Research Posters, Undergraduate Student Co-op Posters, Research Lab, Showcase of MSE Student Clubs and Capstone Projects, MSE Student and Alumni Awards, Industrial Talk by Michael Ryan.

The event reached its pinnacle with the announcement of awards and honors to students who had demonstrated exemplary commitment and achievement within the field of Mechatronics. Notable awardees included:

Undergraduate Awards - Academic Excellence Award: Zakhar Vozovik, Levi Magel, Prashant Kumar, Nguyen Gia Hien Vu; Leadership Award: Edison Wang, Levi Magel, Adriana Lee, Nathan Cushing, Amadea de Wit; EDI Champion Award: Adriana Lee, Amadea De Wit; Industry Award: Xander Denis, Elliott McWilliams, Dmitry Demin

Graduate Awards - Leadership Award: Fatemeh Khorami; EDI Award: Hadi Moeinnia; Teaching Assistant Award: Navid Fanaee Esfahani

Mechatronics Alumni Award: Amr Marzouk, Parisa Khorsand, Jasmeet Gil

Grad/Postdoc Poster Award: Dexter Zamora, Cezar Jimenez, Amin Bahrami

The event underlined MSE's unwavering commitment to nurturing innovative ideas, research, and the pursuit of excellence in mechatronics. As the school looks forward to the next decade and beyond, it is clear that the dedication and passion of its faculty, staff, and students will continue to drive its growth and success.