Position Share


April 1,1999

Revision Date


AD 10.5

Revision No.

1. Subject: Position Share

2. General Policy Statement

The University recognizes that a Continuing Employee has the right to share a Continuing Position provided the duties of the position can be handled effectively under a shared arrangement and suitably qualified candidates for sharing the position can be found.

3. Procedures

    3.01 An Employee, as the Primary Incumbent, wishing to share a Continuing Position should first review the written application with his/her supervisor at which time potential candidates for the Position Share will be discussed.

    3.02 It is the responsibility of the Employee wishing to share a Continuing Position to locate a suitably qualified candidate, the Secondary Incumbent, acceptable to the supervisor.

    3.03 Details concerning hours or days to be worked, or duties to be performed, will be developed by the two Employees sharing the position and must be approved by the supervisor.

    3.04 No time limit will be imposed on the duration of the Position Share. However, there will be a six (6) month trial period during which time the arrangement may be terminated with two (2) weeks’ notice by either of the Incumbents or the Supervisor. If, after the trial period, the supervisor decides that the Position Share is inappropriate and the Incumbents do not agree to end the arrangement, the issue will be submitted to JUAC for resolution.

    3.05 After the six (6) month trial period, the Primary Incumbent may, with one (1) months’ notice to the supervisor and the Secondary Incumbent, return the shared position to its original status.

    3.06 Benefits coverage provided the two (2) Employees will be according to the Human Resources Employment Policies concerning Part-time Employees. An Employee switching from full-time to part-time will have his/her benefits coverage reduced accordingly.

    3.07 If the Primary Incumbent leaves the position, the full-time position will become vacant and will be Posted. Should the Secondary Incumbent leave, the provisions of Sections 3.01 and 3.02 will apply.