Job Splits


November 1987

Revision Date

January 1, 2006


AD 9.05

Revision No.


(Applies to administrative and professional staff only.)

  1. General Policy Statement

    The University recognizes that an employee has the right to split a continuing position provided the duties of the position can be handled effectively under a shared arrangement.

    This Policy provides guidance to employees and their supervisors in circumstances where such a job split is contemplated.

  2. Definitions

    3.01 Continuing Employee - an employee with an appointment with no end date.

    3.02 Full-time Employee - a continuing or a temporary employee appointed to work seventy-two (72) hours bi-weekly on a regular basis.

    3.03 Part-time Employee - a continuing or a temporary employee appointed to work less than seventy-two (72) hours bi-weekly on a regular basis.

    3.04 Job Split - a situation where a continuing administrative and professional position is divided between two continuing part- time employees.

  3. Eligibility

    All continuing full-time and part-time employees are eligible.

  4. Procedure

    5.01 An employee wishing to split a continuing position should first review the proposal with his or her supervisor at which time potential candidates for the other part-time position will be discussed. It is the responsibility of the employee wishing to split a continuing position to locate a suitably qualified candidate, acceptable to the supervisor, for the other part-time position.

    5.02 No time limit will be imposed on the duration of the job split. However, there will be a six (6) month trial period during which time the arrangement may be terminated with two (2) weeks notice by either the incumbents or the supervisor. If after six months the supervisor decides that the job split is not appropriate and the incumbents do not agree to end the arrangement, the issue will be submitted to the Joint University Administrative Committee (JUAC) for resolution.

    5.03 Details concerning hours or days to be worked, duties to be performed etc. will be developed by the two employees splitting the job and must be approved by the supervisor.

    5.04 Benefits coverage provided the two (2) employees will be in accordance with the Personnel Employment Policies concerning part-time employees. The employee switching from full to part- time will have his or her benefits coverage reduced accordingly.

    5.05 If the original incumbent leaves the position, the job will become vacant and will be posted. Should the second incumbent leave, the provisions of paragraphs 5.01 and 5.02 will apply.

    5.06 The employee originally requesting the job split shall have the right to request that the position revert to its former continuing status. One (1) month's notice will be given the other incumbent if this change is requested.