March 1, 1970

Revision Date

January 1, 2006


AD 9-21

Revision No.


  1. Subject: Retirement
    (Applies to all University Support Staff)

  2. General Policy Statement

    Simon Fraser University wishes to maintain an orderly system for the administration and control of all employee retirement from the University. The references to the pension plans are for reference only and the terms of the Pension Plan text shall govern.

  3. Definitions


    3.01 Normal Retirement -- the retirement from the University of an employee shall be the first day of the month coincident with or next following his/her sixty-fifth (65) birthday.

    3.02 Early Retirement -- the retirement from the University of an employee who is less than sixty-five (65) but fifty-five (55) or more years old.

    3.03 SFU Retiree -- one who receives a pension from the University. Also includes a person eligible for early retirement who takes his/her pension benefit as a lump sum.

    3.04 Continuing Employee -- an employee with an appointment with no end date.

    3.05 Full-time Employee -- a continuing employee appointed to work seventy-two (72) hours bi-weekly on a regular basis.

  4. Responsibility


    Personnel to:

    1. Contact employees at least one month prior to normal retirement.

    2. Counsel employees on the termination of regular benefits and the availability of benefits for retired employees.

  1. Re-Employment


    In exceptional cases and at the discretion of the University, some individuals may be reappointed to fixed term temporary employment following their retirement. The availability of work and the general health and capabilities of the individual will be considered. The department will consult with Personnel. A letter of appointment will be drawn up by Personnel which will govern the terms and conditions of employment.

    In general, these exceptional circumstances will be :

    1. related to their former position: to train a replacement, to provide continuity through a major reorganization, or to finish a specific project, etc.

    2. not related to their former position: to perform a special project/function which is suited to their special skills and expertise, etc.

  1. The Letter of Appointment


    Shall generally provide for the following:

    1. appointment terms which shall be temporary and of a limited and fixed duration

    2. an outline of the work to be performed

    3. remuneration, established in accordance with the work to be performed

    4. benefits to which the employee is entitled which will be commensurate with temporary employment.