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  • Genevieve LeBaron and Priscilla Fisher (2022) ‘Canada’s Supply Chains Have a Forced Labour Problem. Are We Ready to Seriously Act?’ The Globe & Mail.
  • Rhys Kesselman (2022) “Financing the Health Care Canadians Deserve,” The Globe and Mail. 
  • Rhys Kesselman (2023) “Challenge for the Upcoming Budget: Capital Gains Tax Reform,” National Newswatch.
  • Rhys Kesselman (2023) “It’s Past Time to Reform Capital Gains Tax—But How Exactly?” The Financial Post. 
  • Rhys Kesselman (2023) “Forget the Alternative Minimum Tax; Fix the Regular Income Tax,” The Financial Post. 
  • Rhys Kesselman (2023) “A Better Alternative to the Alternative Minimum Tax,” The Globe and Mail.



  • David Green, Rhys Kesselman, Daniel Perrin, and Lindsay Tedds (2021) “What Can the CERB Teach Canada about Establishing a Universal Basic Income? Very Little,” Globe and Mail.
  • Genevieve LeBaron, Andrew Crane, Kam Phung, Laya Behbahani & Jean Allain (2021) ‘Business Models Have Evolved to Keep Profiting from Slave Labour.’ Reuters.
  • Genevieve LeBaron & Penelope Kyritsis (2021) ‘Without Action, Modern Slavery Will Surge in Supply Chains.’ The Globe & Mail.
  • Rhys Kesselman (2021) “Fraser Institute: Getting the Facts Straight on Capital Gains Tax,” The Financial Pos.


  • Mohsen Javdani (2019) “The Way to Fix Bias in Economics is to Recruit More Women,” The Financial Times.
  • Mohsen Javdani and Ha-Joon Chang (2019) “Ideology is Dead! Long Live Ideology!” Institute for New Economic Thinking.
  • Ha-Joon Chang and Mohsen Javdani (2019) “Neoclassical Economics and Ideological Bias,” Progressive Economy Forum.
  • Rhys Kesselman (2019) “How Childhood Poverty Can Be Further Reduced by Retargeting the Canada Child Benefit,” The Financial Post.


  • Andreas Pilarinos, Perry Kendall, Danya Fast, and Kora DeBeck (2018) "Secure care: more harm than good," Vulnerable Populations. 
  • Rhys Kesselman (2018) “Fine-Tuning BC’s New Employer Payroll Tax,” The Vancouver Sun. 
  • Rhys Kesselman (2018) “What Is This New, Radical, Confiscatory B.C. Tax?” [property surtax], The Vancouver Sun. 
  • Rhys Kesselman (2018) “Why Opponents of BC’s New Surtax on Homes Over $3 Million Are Wrong,” The Tyee.
  • Rhys Kesselman and Adrienne Montani (2018) “Expand British Columbia’s Child Benefit,” The Vancouver Sun.


  • Tessa Cheng, and Kora DeBeck (2017) "Between a rock and a hard place: Prescription opioid restrictions in the time of fentanyl and other street drug adulterants," Canadian Journal of Public Health. 
  • Brittany Barker, Ashley Goodman, Kora DeBeck (2017) "Reclaiming Indigenous identities: Culture as strength against suicide among Indigenous youth in Canada," Canadian Journal of Public Health.
  • Rhys Kesselman (2017) “A Capital-Gains Tax Would Go Far To Cool Toronto’s Housing Market,” The Globe and Mail, Report on Business. 
  • Rhys Kesselman (2017) “‘Tax Competitiveness’ in BC a Narrow Measure of Economic Health,” The Vancouver Sun. 
  • Rhys Kesselman and John Richards (2017) “Real-World Guidance for BC’s Proposed $10-a-Day Child-Care Plans” (with John Richards), The Vancouver Sun. 
  • Rhys Kesselman (2017) “Broader Policies Needed To Restore Housing Affordability,” Intelligence Memo, C.D. Howe Institute.
  • Rhys Kesselman and Nancy Olewiler (2017) “What’s Efficient about a Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax?”, The Vancouver Sun. 
  • Rhys Kesselman (2017) “How Liberal Child-Benefit Changes Really Do Help Most Middle-Class Families,” The Financial Post. 
  • Rhys Kesselman and Benn Proctor (2017) “An Economics Lesson on Ride-Hailing in B.C.”, The Vancouver Sun Rhys Kesselman and Benn Proctor (2017) “An Economics Lesson on Ride-Hailing in British Columbia,” Commentary, Wilson Centre Canada Institute