SFU Mail: The university's email and calendar system

We're Upgrading SFU Mail. Now with Exchange Online.

Between Fall 2023 and 2025, your SFU mailbox will be upgrading to Exchange Online. You'll have a wider array of new mail features and the University will maintain a secure and efficient service.

Here's what to expect after your mailbox upgrade:

  • To access SFU Mail on browser, go to https://outlook.office.com for a smoother experience. Your Microsoft sign in will be "YourComputingID@sfu.ca".
  • Be prepared that desktop and mobile email applications may disconnect from SFU Mail when your account is upgraded.

For more information, please visit We're Upgrading SFU Mail.

Note: The content here may be obsolete if you have already been upgraded to Exchange Online. For revised how-to guides and up-to-date resources, visit the new SFU Mail resource.

Don't know if you have Exchange Online? See this.

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