Sharing Mail Folders

Outlook for PC

Below you can find instructions on how to both share mail folders with your colleagues and accept folders shared with you in the Outlook 2016 for PC desktop application.

Sharing & Delegation

Please note the following known limitations:

  • If you are sharing with a user that is using a Mac, Outlook for Mac only allows the opening of shared folders that are nested under the Inbox of the folder's owner. As such, this requires the folder's owner to share the Inbox of their account (with permission set to 'None' and the 'Folder visible' box checked) in addition to the sub-folder.
  • Shares to maillists are not possible; only individual email addresses are permitted.

Sharing a Mail Folder

1. To share a folder in SFU Mail, you must first give permissions to all the folders it is nested under. To do so, right click on the mailbox folder (above the Inbox) and choose Folder permissions.

2. This will open up a permissions window, listing anyone who already has permission to access your mailbox. To add a user, click Add...

3. The Global Address List will appear, allowing you to search for the user you wish to share with. Double-click their name to select them, then click OK.

4. Using the permission level drop-down list in the permissions window, give the user permission level None. Ensure that Folder visible is checked in the Other section. Click OK.

5. Now you may right click the folder(s) you wish to share and choose Properties. Then, click the Permisisons tab at the top of the window to add the user using the steps outlined above.

6. Select a suitable permission level, then press OK. Note that as you change the permission level from the drop-down menu, the checkboxes below will change to reflect the actions that the user can take on that folder with that level of permission. 

Opening a Shared Mail Folder

Note that Outlook for PC may often automatically find and add any folders that have been shared with you.

1. Once a user has given you permissions to a mail folder, you can open that folder by clicking File in the top left hand corner of the ribbon, and then selecting Open & Export from the left hand navigation. 

2. In the Open & Export window, click Other User's Folder at the bottom of the list.

3. A small window will appear asking for the name of the user whose folder you are wanting to open. Type their name into the box, or click the Name... button to select them from the Global Address List. In the Folder Type drop-down menu, ensure Inbox is selected. Then click OK. This will open any folders that user has shared with you.