Bicram Rijal, PhD candidate, photo wins Honourable Mention

April 20, 2024

Photo Contest Posted on the SFU Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website

Honourable Mention


"My research explores the transformation of defecation habits and politics of sanitation in post-earthquake Nepal. This photo is from my research site in rural Dolakha district. It captures devastation, chaos and uncertainty in the aftermath of the 2015 earthquakes. Whereas in the foreground, everything except the door of an outhouse toilet has fallen, the background shows a devastated home waiting to be rebuilt. On the day when I took this photo, a non-governmental organization had arrived in this area to distribute materials—cement, toilet pan, septic pipes—for toilet building as part of their post-disaster sanitation program."

Bicram Rijal, PhD, Anthropology

Photo taken in Nepal