Departmental Advisors

You have questions, and advisors can help you find answers.

If you have been approved in an area of specialization, or are ready to have a specialization (major or minor) approved, you should contact the appropriate departmental advisor.

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i See a General advisor from Student Services if you:

  • are a newly admitted student;
  • have fewer than 60 units and undeclared;
  • are experiencing academic difficulty; or
  • have fewer than 60 units, declared, and wanting to change your major.

If you are a new undergraduate student in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences you can see a general advisor in Student Services, one of the FASS First and Second Year AdvisorsFASS One and French Cohort students also have designated advisors. 

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Department Advisors Email

Undergraduate advising (first and second year)


Meghan Grant - On Leave
Wendy Szeto
Jesmin Subba

Emilia Aguilar

Burnaby Faculty Advisors

Toyosi Bamgboye

Elisa Herrell

Tracey Sherwood
Jesmin Subba

Emilia Aguilar

Surrey Faculty Advisor

Rosaline Baik

Cognitive Science

Beth Ren (Psychology)


Gabriel Sauro
Morgan Jeffery



Azam Bhatti

Anthea Pasin

Sarah Turner


Kathryn Ward


Hélène Pouliot

French Cohort Program

Rachelle Hiebert

Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

Roberta Neilson


Anne Marie Barrett

Global Asia

Erin Norman

Hellenic Studies

Elina Jin


Erin Norman

Global Humanities

Elina Jin

Indigenous Languages Program  

Lorraine Yam

Indigenous Studies

Ronda Landsfried

International Studies

Catalina Bobadilla Sandoval

Labour Studies

Terrence Yang

Latin American Studies

Ellen Yap


Rita Parmar


Jay Leardi

Political Science

Amanda Furney


Cerisse Dela Cruz

Beth Ren

Public Policy Jesmin Subba

Social Data Analytics

Azam Bhatti

Anthea Pasin

Sociology/ Anthropology

Terrence Yang

World Languages and Literatures

Maria Hamilton