French Cohort Program

Public and international affairs

The French Cohort Program (FCP) in Public and International Affairs is a bilingual program, unique in Canada, that opens doors to a wide range of career opportunities.

Why choose the French Cohort Program?

  • Entirely bilingual program Leading to a Bachelor’s degree (B.A.). Approximately 65% of courses are taught in French.
  • Courses in a variety of disciplines: political science, international relations, history, indigenous studies, French language, literatures and cultures, as well as elective courses that you select according to your interests and goals.
  • Student exchange in Europe or Quebec during your 3rd year of studies.
  • Open doors to a multitude of high-demand careers in Canada's two official languages.
  • Cohort program, small classes of around 25 students. This small group, with which you'll take most of your mandatory courses, will give you privileged contact with your instructors, provide unique learning opportunities and develop bonds that will last a lifetime.
  • Personalized support and inclusive environment: Whether French is your 1st, 2nd or 3rd language, you'll have the support to succeed from the moment you arrive at SFU, and you’ll feel part of a community where all French accents are celebrated.
  • Rich student life: The FCP will allow you to take part in many exclusive events and get involved, in French, in your community.
  • Bursaries and Awards: With the FCP, you could be eligible for up to $14,500 in exclusive French language bursaries and awards (in addition to all other financial aid options administered by SFU).
  • Access to a reserved study area and a dedicated academic advisor for FCP students.

What will you do after your studies in the French Cohort Program?

Perhaps you haven't yet decided on your career path, and that's perfectly normal! With the FCP, you'll acquire valuable knowledge and skills that are in high demand on the job market, such as critical thinking and professional bilingualism.

One of the greatest advantages of the FCP is that its multidisciplinary approach opens the door to a multitude of career possibilities in a variety of fields, such as:

  • Politics
  • Law
  • Diplomacy
  • International relations
  • Public relations
  • Journalism
  • Communications
  • Culture
  • Project management
  • Tourism
  • Education / Teaching
  • And more…


  • Program: Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Length: minimum of 4 years
  • Location: SFU Burnaby Campus
  • Next entry: September 2025
  • Admission period: October 1st, 2024- January 31st, 2025
  • Annual Tuition Fees: approximately $7,500*
    Tuition fee details
    *Domestic students

The applicatin period for September 2024 is now closed.

Questions for the FCP Student Advisor:

Rachelle Hiebert

The French Cohort Program delivers a unique post-secondary experience, with lots of support for students, tons of activities, and courses in both History and Political Sciences taught in French! In the long run, the program will allow me to become highly resourceful in French, regardless of which career I turn towards once I complete my studies.
- Mariessa


Who can apply?

You are eligible to apply if you meet at least one of the following language criteria:

  • You are a graduate of French immersion or the Programme francophone
  • You have completed French 12 (Core French) or another acceptable advanced French language course *
  • You are a native French speaker **

You may apply:

  • Directly as a high school student
  • If you have completed the IB program
  • If you are transferring from a college or university ***
  • If you are an international student **

* Level of French Recommended: intermediate to advanced
As most of the FCP courses are taught in French (approximately 65%), this program is ideal for students with a high level of French comprehension and expression. The intermediate level corresponds approximately to the B2 level of the DELF certification. For reference only (the exam is not required), consult the table describing the levels of competence to learn more: DELF-DALF

** English Language Requirements
As the FCP is a bilingual program, in French and English, all students are required to meet SFU's English language requirements.

*** Transfers
As the cohort program has a set sequence of courses, those with substantial university transfer credit may need to complete more than the normal 120 units to complete their program.

Contact our student advisor to learn more about the sequence of courses and to make sure you're eligible to apply:

How to apply?

  • You must meet all of SFU's Admission requirements (for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences including the English language requirements). All students admitted to the FCP need to demonstrate adequate French language comprehension and expression, which will be determined by the French Language Placement Test taken prior to enrolling in courses.
  • When to apply? October 1 to January 31 for the next September intake
  • Apply online:
  • After you have applied, consult the next steps in the admission process

Program Highlights

Bursaries and Awards

It pays to study in French! Choosing to study in a bilingual program at SFU means having access (sometimes exclusively) to a multitude of awards and bursaries that can cover an important part of your university fees!
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Exchange Program

SFU will send you travelling ... in French! By choosing the FCP, you will have the advantage of being part of an academic program that includes a student exchange during your third year. You will spend up to two terms in Quebec, France, Belgium or Switzerland.
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Career Opportunities

The FCP will open doors to a multitude of bilingual career options in various fields. Don't forget that 84% of Canadian employers prefer to hire bilingual candidates, while only about 10% of young professionals actually are – imagine the advantage you will have!
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The applicatin period for September 2024 is now closed.

Questions for the FCP Student Advisor:

Rachelle Hiebert