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Student Note-Takers

The following suggestions will not only help you be a strong note-taker for the CAL but may also increase the effectiveness of your personal note-taking skills and strategies:

  • Be on time for each class. You must record all lecture information into your notes.
  • Date your notes and number pages to help your client keep your notes in their proper sequence.
  • If you are taking notes by hand, write as legibly as possible.
  • When new terminology is presented in class, write the entire word out and double-check spelling. Do not abbreviate terms the first time they are used and when you do use abbreviations, make sure their meanings are understood by the student.
  • Highlight any schedule changes, all exam and assignment dates, book titles and authors, and other very important information so that it stands out.
  • You are recommended to solicit feedback from your client on the quality and usefulness of the notes

Good quality notes must be maintained for the entire semester. Failure to do so will result in termination from the position. Please be aware that your notes may be evaluated by the CAL, the instructor and/or TA to make sure they are adequate for the needs of the course as well as the student