Evaluating Organizations, Jobs, and Malicious Postings

Your search for job opportunities or next career goals will lead you through options like online job boards, professional contacts, classmates, friends, and other people you know. However, you want to consider that not all postings and job opportunities are legitimate or in your best interest.

General Tips on Identifying, Preparing and Evaluating Organizations:

Find jobs through organizations and events that provide some vetting of employers.

  • Recruitment events, such as SFU Career Fairs, West Coast Virtual Fair, SFU info sessions andi info tables)
  • Job postings on legtiimate websites, including SFU and external boards

Recommendations from professionals can often be helpful in ensuraing the validity of a job opportunity. You can reach out to resources at SFU for recommendations.

  • SFU Students reach out to staff
  • SFU Co-Op Students reach out to your coordinator
  • SFU International Students reach out to International Student Services.

Note: This online resource is educational information and not to be sought as legal advice. Seek legal assistance for professional advice.


Employers located in British Columbia are bound by specific rules and guidelines defined by the Government of British Columbia which protects everyone who works.

If your employment opportunity is located outside of British Columbia, we recommend to research that region's employment standards.

Next Steps

Now that you have prepared your application materials and reviewed what to look out for. Are you ready to start looking at new job opportunities? Contact us today or check out our Opportunities page for places to begin your job search