Ready for new directions? Our digital career course 'I'm Graduating, Now What?' will help new SFU graduates successfully transition from school to work.

Each module will guide you step-by-step through the process of career development, providing inspirational self-awareness tools and meaningful actions. This course can help you discover ways to shape your future by design, to reflect your skills, values, and aspirations, and make use of your studies and experiences.

During this two-hour online course, participants will: 

  • Cultivate a career readiness mindset that will serve you now and for life!  

  • Envision your future, and explore the many options available to you 

  • Expand degree-related ideas, or ideas you have not yet had a chance to explore 

  • Put work search strategies and job application fundamentals into action 

  • Learn successful networking approaches that will help you gain confidence 

  • Hear inspiring alumni success stories, and much more! 

Remember: no one ever really has it "all figured out" - but activating your career readiness with informed, evidence-based activities, will have long-lasting outcomes.

We’re proud to welcome you into our alumni community and we're excited for your future!

Your SFU email grants you access to this digital career course for graduates. You may also send a note so you can be added.