Receive this Co-curricular Record! 

Your career is not only one of the biggest factors shaping your life – it’s also one of your biggest opportunities to make a difference in the world. This can feel like a lot of pressure! But with so many big problems to solve in our communities and globally, how do you know where to begin? 

This online co-curricular program will support you through exploring and taking action - whether you are starting your academic journey at SFU, looking towards your post-SFU career, or in the middle of your degree and questioning your direction. You will earn recognition on your Co-Curricular Record and a Career Ready Changemakers - Certificate of Program Completion.

Returning from Abroad?

If you are returning from exchange, field school or international co-op, you can join a specialized cohort with other international returners.

Is This Program for Me?

Do you have a passion and desire to make positive social and environmental change?

Are you an SFU student interested in exploring and building a changemaking career?

Are you motivated to follow a self-directed program and track your progress?

This program is for you!

Why Participate?

Students in the Career Ready Changemaker Program will:

  • Learn 10 career building strategies for changemakers and map out your next steps
  • Explore experience-boosting volunteer, paid work and entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Identify potential future employers involved in sustainability and social impact work
  • Activate new social innovation skills to help you contribute to a more just, sustainable future
  • Attend skill-building workshops on topics such as resumes, networking, wellness during work search and applying to grad school
  • Connect into the most helpful tools, resources and opportunities at SFU and beyond 
  • Think about career building and leadership critically through an anti-oppression lens 

What’s the Commitment & Timeline?

  • Plan to spend approximately 10 hours to complete all the components - a series of virtual workshops, on-demand videos and reflective activities that can be completed asynchronously within 2 semesters
  • We suggest you try to participate in either the Career Festival during the Fall term, or the West Coast Virtual Fair in Spring term, as they provide opportunities to explore summer jobs, part-time work, co-op, volunteer and career opportunities
  • All students complete the foundational Career Building for Changemakers Workshop, and you can choose from the other workshop topics that are most helpful to you


  • The workshops in this program will have text-based chat to support students
  • If you have any accessibility needs please email and we will do our best to address your needs

How Do I Join?

Please send an email to to sign up for this program with "Career Ready Changemaker Program" in the title and your SFU email. You will receive an invitation to a Canvas course!