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One Fair. Two Zones. Endless Opportunities.

Save the Date: Tuesday, October 17, 2023 - Wednesday, October 18, 2023

The SFU Career Festival is open to all SFU students and alumni, no matter what year, faculty and program you are in!

How to get involved?

  • Volunteer at this event as a Fair Ambassador (details below).
  • Sign up for the email notifications below! Be the first to know the list of exhibitors for 2023 when it is revealed!
  • Learn helpful tips on how to prepare and evaluate organizations!

At this Career Festival, there will be an expansion to the traditional career fair. There will be Two Zones:

Career Fair Zone

  • Discover career, co-op and volunteer opportunities at the Career Fair Zone.
  • Explore graduate school and professional development programs
  • Practice and network with recruiters from different companies or organizations
  • Complete career fair quests to enter into special draws!
    • Recommended: All SFU Students and Alumni

Student Activity Zone

  • Explore your career direction through multiple activities and games.
  • Complete quests and level up to redeem for prizes
  • Discover programs and services at SFU that support your career journey
  • Find opportunities on-campus in SFU
    • Recommended: Year 1st, 2nd, 3rd+ SFU students

Questions? Contact Us!

Reach out to Jim Y. Liu, Employer Relations and Communications-Events Coordinator at for any related questions!

Student Resources


Get Ready!

Research and get to know the organizations ahead of time. Be prepared to be asked interview-type questions or inquiries. Check their websites and review their social media accounts for news and updates.  

  • the Position(s) available
  • their Company background/values

Prepare questions you have about the company or role(s) in question. Aim to ask specific questions that cannot be easily found on the internet. 

Consider: Stay on top of the Important Dates!

The career fair is open to all students and we invite 1st year and new students to see potential career options led from what you are studying or degree!

  • However: If you are a 3rd, 4th+, graduate or alumni student, or a student who is looking to land a co-op or opportunities:
    • These are industry professionals and recruiters from companies who are seeking talented individuals like you!
    • Consult the Information Page to find out what the organizations are looking for.
      • Reach out if you have any additional questions.  

Know Your Strengths

  • Reflect on past experiences and education to identify strengths and skills. Be prepared to articulate them when asked.

Visit Resources: 

  • Career and Volunteer Resources Page  Find self-directed resources here! *Note appointments will be well-after Fair day. You can still book, but it will likely not be in time. 
  • Find SFU student's stories and articles here:
    • Recommended Filter: Topics: Work/Volunteer, Coop, Profession Development. Or, Program: Career and Volunteer Services. You may filter by faculty too.

CVS Canvas 2023 Course to help prepare you on Networking and Resumes: Self Enroll here!

BEFORE: Evaluate The Organization!

For any career, position and job searching efforts, always research the company. Not only this is to get a better sense, but to see if it is the right place for you! We do our best to ensure these are registered organizations with existing appropriate licenses.

Consider Asking Yourself:

Before the Fair or During the Fair: Identify the organization and position, and ask yourself if you would fit! Not only from a skills and qualifications perspective, but considering factors to see if you can reflect or see yourself there. Do your research!

  • Work Culture
  • Visions and Values
  • Missions
  • Organization
  • Business Model
  • Clarity and Public Image on the organization

Learn more about scams, checklist, what to look out for to protect yourself from malicious jobs, scams and organizations:

DURING The Fair: Be Ready

Apply Your Preparation Efforts

  • Approach and introduce yourself! Be profession and genuine! Ask questions you prepared beforehand! 

First Impression Matters

  • Dress as if you are going to an interview, greet the representatives with a smile and introduce yourself with confidence.
    • You don't have to wear a business formal style (although you could) or get a new outfit, but take some time to think on it! Don't rush.  

Make It Last

  • Extend the connection beyond the Fair by asking to connect on LinkedIn.
  • Ask for their application process. Employers may have an online application process.
    • If you prepared a resume and have done your research, ask if they are accepting resumes before giving it to them

Additional Resources

Workshops & Panel Events

Need help to get ready for the fair? We've got you covered! Click on the links below to watch the recorded sessions or register for the future sessions:

Volunteer at the Career Festival! - Fair Ambassador

Interested in getting involved and volunteering? You can volunteer at the SFU Career Festival! Share with your friends. All experience levels are welcome.

  • Application has closed.

Due to evolving circumstances, we will be closing applications early.

If you missed or were planning to apply on Sunday and would like to get involved, please email to state your interest. Thank you!

Important Event Dates

Date   Action
Early September - October 1, 2023  

Applications open for Fair Ambassadors - Student Volunteers at this event!

Early October
  Employer List and Opportunities Released
Oct 9 - 13     Find ------------- hidden around campus!  
Tues Oct 17 and Wed Oct 18  

Recruitment Zone: Visit the AQ North Hallway for all the employers recruiting for all opportunities. Explore your options in your career through jobs, volunteering, graduate programs and co-op!

Student Activity Zone: Visit the Convocation Mall for fun, games, prizes and discover your career direction! Learn more about on-campus opportunities at SFU! Find out what programs you can access to support your career development! Open and recommended for SFU students. (Highly suitable for year 1, 2 and 3+ students).

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