Images of campus indoor objects

Art (paintings, photographs, sculptures, other artwork) that is on display

Painting "Amour", Artist: Joe Average, Location: Registrar's Boardroom 3107 Maggie Benston Centre, SFU. Permission is required of artist or owner to capture and publish copyright protected work in its entirety, other than for news or journalistic reasons.
Permission not required if artwork is incidental to the main subject. The staff member is the main subject in this photo, the artist's or the owner's permission is not required. In addition, this atrium would be considered public space on campus, therefore permision is not required.


Copyright Act protects most art that is on display indoors from being photographed or replicated, because the art is usually privately owned, or the artist owns the copyright.

Artwork cannot be the sole object of a photo or video without written consent.

Kinds of consent

Written consent from the owner is required.


  1. At SFU, some indoor space is considered public space (open 24/7), such as the Bill Reid sculptures in AQ North Concourse
  2. Incidental inclusion of artwork in photograph or video is ok. (e.g., standing in front of painting when photo is taken)
  3. Copyright "fair dealing" allows object to be reviewed or critiqued without permission.
  4. If artwork is subject in a parody that is also permissible without consent.

Options to publish

  • Copyright prohibits publishing of an original work (such as a photograph, painting, or indoor sculpture not created by you) without the consent of the owner/originator.
  • If permission (photography allowed sign) was granted on location to photograph or film, then it’s prudent to only publish images in event-related publications. Avoid using in any other context. Keep images safe. 

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