Student society (SFSS) events

Capturing events not organized by SFU employees


SFU Student Society is a separate entity operating on University property and is therefore not within the FOIPOP or copyright purview of SFU.

Kinds of consent

After obtaining permission from the Student Society to record an event or other activity, seek the same kinds of consent as you would in other scenarios.

An exception: Club Days in Convocation Mall — it would be safe to capture photos of this event without permission if you were capturing photos where people are not identifiable and used them only for personal use or to promote the event via social media, for example.

Permission from the Student Society to record their event would be required and consent from identifiable persons would be required if the images were being captured for a use other than to promote the event.

Options to publish

Distribute as you would in the other scenarios shown on this site. Permission is not necessarily required from the Student Society for distribution; however, it would be a courtesy to share.