Images of athletes



  1. Athletes are expected to be involved in sporting events and extracurricular activities/ promotional events that support SFU Athletics and the University. Therefore, athletes are asked to sign an SFU Student-Athlete Consent form each year.
  2. However, it is recommended that athletes sign the SFU Model Release form when participating in a non-athletic-related project requiring the athlete’s image.

Kinds of consent

  1. SFU Student-Athlete Consent form – All athletes sign this form. The items in the agreement are specific to what SFU Athletics and Residence and Housing staff can do with the athletes’ information and images.
  2. SFU Model Release form – NCAA rules for participating in promotional activities are stringent; therefore it’s prudent to ask the student-athlete to sign a release form for other activities (e.g., videos created for non-athletics related objectives) to reduce the potential for any misunderstanding about how the student-athlete is agreeing to allow their image to be used.
  3. Depending on the type of non-athletic project or event being photographed or videotaped, an email confirmation from the student athlete or an announcement by the organizer or signage at the event will suffice.

Options to publish

For a non-athletics activity, if the Student-Athlete Consent form is the only consent provided, or permission is only granted on location to photograph or film ("photography allowed" sign), then it’s prudent to only publish images in event-related publications. Avoid using in any other context. Keep images safe.

If SFU Model Release Form is signed, then the image may be reproduced in unlimited work-related uses and duration (e.g., printing and posting to websites, etc).

References and forms

See SFU Student-Athlete Consent Form for details.

See SFU Model Release Form for details.

Athletic events include:

Both indoor and outdoor locations.