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Gung Haggis Fat Choy, SFU Burnaby campus event published in Burnaby Now Newspaper.


  • Location and trademark consent is not required under copyright provisions for journalistic/news content, which includes images. For example, using images to report on an SFU employee's teaching material or research on campus, and other such work-related content, does not require consent.
  • Consent is not required, under FIPPA, to release an employee's business contact information or business portrait photograph (where implied consent normally exists), and/or other non-personal information.
  • Consent is required, under FIPPA, when personal information, such as an employee's personal phone number, address, or image/photograph, is included in the content.

Newsworthy content may not be reused for any other purpose (e.g., non-news related promotion, or marketing and sales).

Kinds of consent

Not required under "fair dealing" policy.

Not required under FIPPA for work-related business information (including images).

Required for under FIPPA for personal information (e.g., personal contact information, photograph of an employee).

Options to publish

You may use any image for news purposes, with the noted exceptions.

You may not repurpose photos for commercial or other non-news piece or work.

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