Field Schools

Field schools are generally offered in the Summer term, with destinations varying from year to year.

Just some notable benefits of participating in a Field School include opportunity to:

Build your network abroad

Connect with professors, industry professionals, SFU peers, and peers in your field of study around the globe. 

Learn through experience

Study through global experiential learning formats including working in teams, learning from industry experts, or engaging in simulations.

Gain international perspective on your degree

Study your subject matter through a new lens, or study a new subject area in an immersive way.

Develop global competencies valued by employers

Develop your creative problem-solving and intercultural communication skills.

Participate in multiple international education programs during your SFU degree

Depending on eligibility, students may participate in a field school, exchange or short-term summer program before or after a field school.

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Learn More About Field Schools

Summer 2024 Field Schools Information Session

A Field School can be described as an extended field trip, or an off-campus delivery of SFU courses for a group of around 10 - 20 students. Most Field Schools are full term programs, directed by an SFU instructor, consisting of 3 to 12 units of selected courses.

On a field school you will undertake a combination of coursework, assignments, and field studies intended to integrate learning with the location. Generally, programs begin at an SFU campus and then continue overseas. You will pay a program fee which covers most of the in-country costs of the program.

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Learn how much it costs to go on a field school, and view funding options. 

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