Eligibility and Selection

Eligibility Requirements

Undergraduate Exchanges

Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and visa students enrolled in undergraduate degree programs at SFU may apply to participate in the SFU Exchange Program.

At the time of application, all undergraduate exchange applicants must

  • have completed a minimum total of 36 units*,** with a minimum of 12 units completed at SFU
  • have been approved in a program specialization (for example, a major or minor), or have an intended program specialization
  • have achieved a minimum 2.67 cumulative grade point average (CGPA)*** or higher as required by partner institutions
  • be enrolled as a SFU undergraduate degree student****

Participants must meet certain academic and residency requirements. Exchange participants may apply for a maximum equivalent of 30 exchange units toward their SFU degree. In some cases, a maximum of 15 exchange units may apply to the residency requirements for completing a credential at SFU.

*Undergraduate students undertaking second/subsequent undergraduate degrees must have completed a minimum total of 12 units at SFU during their second/subsequent degree at the time of application.

**FAL and FAN Courses do not count toward these unit totals.

***Exchange Eligibility Appeal Criteria 
The undergraduate exchange eligibility criteria are intended to select student participants who are likely to succeed academically in the exchange program.  If students have unique circumstances and wish to appeal the CGPA exchange eligibility requirement, they must make an advising appointment to meet with a Study Abroad Officer (Nina Inaoka Lee or Meagan Brown), by May 9th for the May 25th deadline at International Services for Students for information on the formal appeal process. The deadline to submit your application for the Exchange Eligibility Appeal is May 12th (11:59pm) .

**** Undergraduate visiting, non-degree, diploma, and certificate students are not normally eligible for the SFU Exchange Program.

Graduate Exchanges

At the time of application, all graduate exchange applicants must:

  • Have approval of both their graduate supervisor (or faculty advisor in the case where no graduate supervisor is appointed) and the chair of their graduate program
  • Normally have achieved a minimum 3.5 CGPA, or higher as required by partner institutions
  • Be in good standing and making satisfactory progress in their program of study
  • Be enrolled as an active SFU graduate degree student (note: graduate visiting students, non-degree students, and diploma students are not eligible for the SFU Exchange Program).

Exchange Selection Process (Nomination)

Once you apply, you may be nominated for one of your exchange destination selections. 

Nomination selection is based on the general eligibility requirements for exchange as well as academic performance, motivation, academic references, and any additional requirements of the specific partner institution. Selection for an exchange to a specific partner institution is competitive. The committee must also consider the total number of places available at any one university for the upcoming exchange term(s) as reciprocity must be maintained between SFU and each host university. The committee reserves the right to request an interview as part of the nomination process.

You will be notified in writing of the committee’s decision, or invited to an interview, approximately three to six weeks after the application deadline. If you have been approved to participate in an exchange, you will be required to complete a "Nomination Program" where you will receive a Nomination Package containing some required paperwork and we will discuss the next steps in the process.

To confirm your participation in the Exchange Program after receiving a Nomination Package:

  • Upload your nomination documents to the Study Abroad System, and submit the Exchange Waiver to International Services to Students. 
  • Complete and return the host university’s application form(s) to ISS by the date specified in your Host University Application Instructions

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