Short-Term Summer Programs

Short Term Summer Programs are an engaging way to gain global education experience in a short period of time. Gain credit while internationalizing your degree and resume by studying abroad at one of SFU’s exchange partner institutions. Why go on a Short-Term Summer Program?

 Experience a new culture

Live and study in a new culture,  learn a new language.

Gain international perspective on your degree

Study your subject matter through a new lens, or study new topics.

Build your network abroad and explore global opportunities

Connect with fellow students and professors while exploring the possibility of graduate school or future employment options.

Develop global competencies valued by employers

Develop your adaptability, creative problem-solving and intercultural communication skills as you navigate life and school during a condensed time abroad.

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Applications re-open late Fall 2024 for Summer 2025, Fall 2025, and Spring 2026 Exchanges

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Short-Term Summer Programs are offered by 30+ of SFU's exchange and study abroad partner institutions. You can earn between 3 - 12 units towards your SFU degree. Programs range between 1 - 10 weeks in length.

Many Short-Term Summer Programs include special social programming and field trips, so they can be a great way of getting to know a new city or country in a short period of time.

How to find Short-Term Summer Programs:

  1. Go to the Destinations search page.
  2. In the "Type of Program" drop-down, select "Short-Term Summer Programs," and/or in the "Term" drop-down, select "Summer (short-term)." 
  3. Apply Search.

How to apply:

You apply for a Short-Term Summer Program using the exchange application. You can only apply for Short-Term Summer Programs for the January deadline each year. The exchange eligibility and selection criteria apply to Short-Term Summer Programs as well. 

Costs and Funding:

Continue to pay for your tuition and student fees to SFU for most Short-Term Summer Programs. With the exception of Direct Fee-Paying insitutions where you will pay your tuition directly to the host institution. See the profile for each Short-Term Summer Program for more information.

Most Short-Term Summer Programs are part-time programs, which means that they would not, on their own, make you eligible for financial aid through SFU.