To discuss developing new International Field Schools for 2023 or later, contact

International Services for Students (ISS) works with faculty who wish to develop an International Field School. Developing and Leading an International Field School is a 7 stage process, from conceptualizing the idea to wrapping up and assessing the program. See the International Field School Timeline for an overview of these 7 stages.

Stages of Developing & Leading an International Field School

Deadlines for Call for Proposals International Field School Development Stages

Stage 1: Meet with ISS.

Stage 2: Submit your Expression of Interest and Development Trip Funding Application to ISS by email at

Stage 3: Submit your International Field School Proposal to ISS by email at and submit your SCIA Document Submission Form to SCIA. You must attend a SCIA meeting to present your proposed International Field School.

Once your proposal has been approved by SCIA, you will then work with ISS throughout the following 4 stages that involve leading the International Field School. 

There is a unique set of pedagogies involved in developing and leading an International Field School. To help make our International Field School a great experience for you and your students, you are encouraged to review and incorporate International Field School Pedagogy throughout the process of both developing and leading an International Field School. Contact ISS at if you have any questions.

SFU International Services for Students is grateful to Sandra Schinnerl, UBC Public Scholar, for her valuable contributions, input and collaboration during the development of this resource. 

This website is designed to support Field School Directors throughout the process of developing and leading an International Field School. We would appreciate your feedback as to what additional information or resources you would like to see. Email feedback to