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SFU Surrey – TD Community Engagement Centre

The SFU Surrey – TD Community Engagement Centre facilitates and supports the mobilization of university and community capacity to identify and address key societal issues affecting Surrey’s City Centre and surrounding neighbourhoods. Programs include:

  • English Language Support Program, which enables children from Ukraine to improve their English and get involved in their communities;
  •  CommuniCreate, which helps newcomer and refugee youth in the Lower Mainland learn English; 
  • The Bridge Program, which provides many programs for newcomer students and families to help children and youth succeed in school and develop social connections
  • Learning Buddies, which offers free literacy and math tutoring to children in grades one through seven

SFU Beedie to lead major digital skills training initiative with $4M investment from federal government

Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business (“SFU Beedie”) will lead a large-scale professional education initiative to prepare Canadian workers for the digital economy, thanks to a significant investment from the federal government. Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster has announced an official partnership with SFU Beedie to invest $4 million dollars into the Digital Innovation and Leadership (DIAL) initiative, which aims to train more than 1,100 workers across Canada over the next two years.

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Research, Teaching and Learning

Semester in Climate Futures

SFU's Semester in Dialogue is a one-semester, full-time program designed to inspire students with a sense of civic responsibility and encourage their passion for improving society. Each semester the program offers an original, interdisciplinary experience that bridges the classroom with the community and creates space for students to reflect on what they are doing and why it matters.

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The Research Hub

The Research Hub is an innovative, collaborative, interdisciplinary, technology-infused and centralized space for supporting the research and scholarly activities of our faculty and students. It creates a central space to share at-a-glance information on the research projects and initiatives that interconnect and intersect within the university and in our communities around the world.

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SFUS and CEE conduct climate literacy focus groups and consultations

SFU Sustainability (SFUS) and the Centre for Educational Excellence are co-leading the development of educational opportunities for SFU students, staff, and faculty to strengthen climate and sustainability knowledge and skills. In a spirit of co-creating with the SFU community, we conducted interactive focus groups on all campuses with support from the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, as well as interviews with faculty, students and staff (fall 2022 – summer 2023). During these consultations we explored the needs, goals and expectations of the SFU community, and heard theories of change on how to help enhance climate and sustainability knowledge, skills and competences at SFU.

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Environment Dean challenges current sustainability education practices in new book

The Future of Sustainability Education at North American Universities, explores sustainability education and offers recommendations for higher education institutions to help students better understand how to advance sustainability. Editor of the book and dean of SFU’s Faculty of Environment, Naomi Krogman, was intrigued by the challenges universities face to approach and keep up with sustainability education.

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SFU and Aga Khan University further collaborations with new agreement

Simon Fraser University (SFU) and the Aga Khan University (AKU) have signed an agreement to facilitate joint research, faculty and student exchanges and collaborations between the two institutions that address pressing global issues, such as climate change and environmental sustainability.

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SFU at COP 27

SFU's COP 27 delegation marked the first time that the university sent a formal delegation to the conference. The purpose of this delegation was to share our work, connect with other global organizations, document the conference and how climate negotiations take place, share with the SFU community what we see and learn, connect SFU student climate leaders with the youth delegation, speak at sessions and showcase SFU's climate action leadership.

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Facts and Figures

  • 263 research publications related to SDG 4, 2017-2022 (source: SciVal)
  • 195 active research projects related to SDG 4 funded between 2017-2022
  • Since the 2018/19 academic year, SFU has offered 17 courses relating to SDG 4, representing over 1854 students


Centre for Educational Excellence

The centre’s mission is to collaborate with instructors to inspire and support innovative, inclusive and reflective teaching approaches that create engaging learning experiences for students.

The Centre for Educational Excellence offers over 100 teaching development workshops, symposia, intensive courses and faculty learning communities each year, in person, online and blended formats to accommodate instructors on all three campuses.

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Trottier Observatory & Science Courtyard

Nestled within the heart of the Burnaby campus, the Trottier Observatory is the flagship facility in the Faculty of Science’s myriad outreach programs. The Trottier Studio for Innovative Science Education and the Trottier Observatory and Science Courtyard have been bringing science education and astronomy to students, families, and the general public since 2014.

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