Developing an Updated and Adapted Scientific Curriculum to Support Adolescents’ Physics Learning

Our contemporary life has been strongly interwoven with technology and digital devices, and the crisis of COVID-19 has strengthened this connection and dependency more than ever. Young students need greater awareness of and desire to prepare for this new technological and digital future, as recommended by NSF, NSERC, CCA, and the Science, Technology and Innovation Council. This also requires curricula and pedagogical updates and adaption for acquiring such knowledge and achieving our goals in the future.


Research in Focus Podcast

Research in Focus Podcast series features in-depth interviews and discussions with faculty members on their research activities and the impacts of their work locally and worldwide. Available on SoundCloud and iTunes

Exploring Faculty Research and Teaching in New Ways

We’ve been experimenting with different ways of communicating the work faculty members do in the Faculty of Education. In these dynamic visualisations, we use networks to show how faculty members’ teaching, researching, and supervision connect and intersect. As a faculty member, you can use these at-a-glance visualisations to learn about colleagues' projects and discover what new colleagues are researching. As a student, you may discover new interdisciplinary learning opportunities: for example, you might notice a faculty member teaching in two or more program areas. These interconnected visualisations show how our research network grows and changes over time.



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