Exploring Funded Research Projects

Exploring an interactive map to showcase and honor FoE faculty members’ SSHRC-funded projects since 2016. The map offers a panoramic view of FoE research undertakings in BC, Canada, the US, and globally. Through this visual presenting method, we can track past relations, see existing relations better, and unfold research potential, fostering a culture of inclusion and demonstrating the strength of knowledge co-creation in academia.

A Fireside Chat: Dr. Shirley Steinberg in conversation with Dr. Özlem Sensoy

Thursday, July 18, 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. SFU Burnaby Campus

Rock n’ Roll and Research: A Bricolage

In this conversation with Özlem Sensoy, Shirley Steinberg will discuss the culture of rock n’ roll and its value as a generative metaphor for research. The conversation will cover aspects of performance & “sway/g,” history & values, radicalism & margins, volume & voice, collaboration & individuality. As the late Freddie Mercury said, “Darling, my attitude is ‘fuck it’; I’m doing everything with everyone.” This conversation will explore what it could mean to open up the rich world and work of educational research to the radicalism of rock n’ roll.

Research in Focus Podcast

Research in Focus Podcast series features in-depth interviews and discussions with faculty members on their research activities and the impacts of their work locally and worldwide. Available on SoundCloud and iTunes


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