The health and safety of the participants of our Hub events, and team members is always a top priority in the midst of the evolving situation with COVID-19. In response to the guidance provided by the University, the Research Hub has cancelled or postponed all Hub-related events until further notice.  We will continue to monitor the situation at the University and follow up on any information from the Faculty of Education. During this time of unpredictability, let's remember to be kind to each other.  Please email if you have any questions.


Something has changed in our media, social, and political environments, that is leading to a lot of misinformation being promoted online, putting pressure on all of us to be more critical thinkers.

Dr. John Nesbit

Performative inquiry along with embodied inquiry, poetic inquiry, a/r/tography, among other ways of being in inquiry through the arts, offer educational researchers a new paradigm of research in addition to quantitative or qualitative research.

Dr. Lynn Fels

In post-humanist and new materialist theories, the human is decentered, and the performative and relational ontology of the world is emphasized. Thus, our conceptualization of reality, or how our world works, shifts from trying to understand how things are, to embracing the becoming of the world.

Jacqueline Barreiro, PhD Candidate



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