We offer the only graduate-level program and credential in urban studies in Anglophone Canada.

We are located in the heart of downtown Vancouver and use our neighbourhood, city and region as living laboratories.

Students may pursue either a master's degree in urban studies (a M.Urb) or a graduate diploma (a GDUS). A strong undergraduate degree is a prerequisite for admission to both programs.

Many of our students are already in the workforce and they tell us they find two aspects of our program particularly helpful to balancing the demands of their studies and their work and family lives:

  • all our courses are offered in the evening
  • the option to study part-time or full-time.

Our interdisciplinary faculty includes geographers, political scientists, historians and anthropologists whose teaching and research interests lie both within and outside Metro Vancouver, and who straddle both theory and practice.

The students we attract have diverse academic and professional backgrounds, which makes for robust, dynamic classroom environments where we explore the many different ways to read, understand and analyze the city.

After graduation, our students find rich and rewarding career opportunities in a range of urban professions. They often work as planners or in other professional positions for local (and other) governments, consulting firms, public agencies, non-profits, crown corporations and private development companies. They pursue urban-related careers in research, public relations, community engagement, policy development, elected office, property management, the arts and culture, and recreation and sport. To learn more about the work our graduates do, see our profiles of some recent alumni