Completed MURB Theses

Our students research a wide range of topics. The sample of completed projects below demonstrates this breadth. To view all MURB theses, please click here

Jenna Aujla, Exploring Perspectives: Vancouver Street-Style Skateboarders in Urban Public Space and Beyond

Alasdair Butcher, 36 Blood Alley Square: Housing histories of conflict and co-production

Matt Campbell, Permission to be Loud: Struggling with Urban Development Contradictions in the Vancouver Music Strategy

Joan Chamunorwa, Social sustainability strategies in green neighbourhoods: An assessment of Dockside Green

Nancy Chan, Clearing the air: Barriers to improving air quality and reducing environmental inequity along the Clark-Knight corridor

Leandro Correa, Assessing the relationship between Ride-Hailing and Sustainable Transportation modes in Vancouver

Rebecca Cuttler, The role of the City of Vancouver in addressing childcare availability

Scott Erdman, A Leap of Faith: Motivations for Place of Worship Redevelopment in Vancouver

Simon Goodspeed, An investigation into the governmental rationalities of Vancouver Coastal Health’s interventions in the Downtown Eastside

Julia Hulbert, Decolonizing Municipal Heritage Programs: A Case Study of the City of Victoria’s Heritage Program

Winnie (Jin Yin) Lee, Aspirations and reality of a compact walkable neighbourhood: The case of Surrey's East Clayton neighbourhood

Sara Obidi, Multilevel Governing in British Columbia: A Case Study of Residential Development and the Agricultural Land Reserve in the City of Richmond

Paul Siggers, Coalitional Politics in the Development of Vancouver’s Chinatown from 2000 to 2019

Sadia Tabassum, Embodied Fear, Perceived Safety and Transit-based Mobility among Women of Color in Metro Vancouver