Completed MURB Theses

Our students research a wide range of topics. The sample of completed projects below demonstrates this breadth. To view all MURB theses, please click here

Brian Butt, It Takes a Region: Growth and Governance in the St. John's City-Region of Newfoundland and Labrador

Brian Clifford, Mortgaging the Future: The Financialization of Affordable Housing in Canada, 1984-2008

Leah Anderson, Exploring the Social Meaning of Aging and Neighbourhood Programs and Facilities for Older Residents: Ethnographic Accounts from Vancouver

Sergio Malatesta Muncher,  An industry without grounds: Understanding the locational patterns of manufacturing firms in the city of Lima, Peru

Mark Friesen, Democracy in Metro Vancouver: Decision-Making and the Regional Growth Strategy

Shaughnessy Sturdy, From Government to Governance: The City of Toronto's Role in Immigrant Settlement Service Coordination since the Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement

Michelle McGuire, Kingsway and Knight Neighbourhood Centre Housing Area Plan

Darren Proulx, Where to go? Designing Bike Share Systems around High Frequency Transit and Separated Cycling Infrastructure

Landon Hoyt, Conflicting Priorities on the Granville Street Mall

Cynthia Lussier, Mixed-Use in practice: A Case Study of London's Landing, Richmond, BC

Patricia Lucy, Understanding the Journey: A qualitative study of the daily mobility of urban families

Jonathan Cote, Understanding development patterns around the 22nd Street and New Westminster SkyTrain Stations

Adrienne Kinzel , The Origins of Traffic Calming in Vancouver's West End

Cameron Scott, Government Street as a Green Street

Azadeh Hadizadeh Esfahani, Exploring people-centred development in Melbourne Docklands redevelopment: Beyond physical development and collaborative planning

Choo-Ming Yeak, Role of the Church in Immigrants' Urban Integration: the case of Singapore Immigrants in three churches in the Tri-cities, BC

Simon Jay, How are pedestrians being impacted by separated bike lanes?

Alireza Farmahini Farahani, Socio-Refexive Regional Learning in the Khorasan (Northeast Iran) Saffron Cluster

Akua Schatz, Neighbourhood Intensification: Attitudes Towards Laneway Housing in the Dunbar Community

Laura Benson, Tsawwassen First Nation governance: an environmental justice case study