Urban Studies Graduate Student Association

The Urban Studies Graduate Student Association (USGSA) is a caucus of the SFU Graduate Student Society. All current Urban Studies students at Simon Fraser University are automatically members.

The USGSA’s mandate is to promote the well-being of students through networking and social activities, assist students with professional and academic skills, and to act on behalf of its members on issues of concern through advocacy, action, and organization. The USGSA initiates and supports various student projects, organizes social events, and represents students on the Urban Studies Steering Committee, SFU’s Graduate Student Society and various other decision-making bodies.

The members of the USGSA executive is elected annually for one-year terms each spring. These are volunteer positions that any urban studies student can run for. Urban Studies students re encouraged to join the USGSA Facebook group as a way of getting to know and keeping in touch with other students. The USGSA also organizes various social events and learning opportunities for students.

USGSA Members 

Carolyn Deady    

President & GSS Councillor

Nicole Brognoli

Social Coordinator & Secretary (temporary)

Helena Lin


Pok Man Tong

International Student Representative