Andy Yan discusses why traffic is increasing on some Metro Vancouver bridges

February 06, 2024

In a recent radio interview, Professor Andy Yan discussed the increase in traffic on some Metro Vancouver bridges and the decrease on others.

Data shows that traffic seems to be increasing South of the Fraser, whereas numbers are holding steady or decreasing on the two major bridges heading into the North Shore. Yan says that these numbers highlight where population growth is happening, as well as where people with certain types of jobs can find a place to live.

The increase in traffic South of the Fraser has a lot to do with the fact that one-third of everyone in Metro Vancouver who works in transportation and warehousing lives in Surrey. Also, one-quarter or 28% of all the people who hold manufacturing jobs in Metro Vancouver live in Surrey.

“These are jobs where you have to show up; where you have to show up at a place to work, as opposed to telecommute or work from home,” says Yan.

Conversely, the decrease in traffic on bridges heading to the North Shore can largely be explained by the fact that many residents in the area work from home or have a hybrid work schedule.

Yan goes on to address how this work culture impacts decision-making regarding building physical infrastructure.

Listen to the full interview here.

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