CBC Radio interviews Meg Holden and Yushu Zhu about neighbourliness study

May 03, 2024

Professors Meg Holden and Yushu Zhu's three-year research project focuses on how higher density living is changing the way neighbouring works in Canada. CBC Radio has interviewed both Holden and Zhu to discuss their findings.

"Community and Affordable Housing" - CBC Radio One 91.5FM (CBYG) - May 1, 2024, featuring Professor Meg Holden

Key question from the interviewer: "Is there anything that city planners or municipal governments can do to increase the sense of neighbourliness in their communities?"

Holden's response: "I think that really including the importance of effective neigbouring within housing strategies, within immigration strategies, within public health strategies; this is a subject that touches on so many of those policy domains. And so, it could be some additional funding and supports to landlords who want to create a meal sharing program or who want to work with a non-profit organization like we have in the lower mainland—an organization called Whole Way House, for example...listen to the full interview

"How housing density changes peoples' relationships with their neighbours" - CBC Radio One 90.5 (CBHA)- May 1, 2024, featuring Professor Yushu Zhu

Key question from the interviewer: How did you measure how neighbourly a person feels?

Zhu's response: "There are many ways to measure it. So, what we did is a quite typical sociological question, that is "How are you interested in getting to know your neighbours better?" It's a very simple, straightforward, consistent question that we asked over the past three years, and we did see a decline...listen to the full interview