Students find our program welcoming and supportive. Faculty and staff offices and a much-used student workspace are located together in the same suite in the Harbour Centre building at Hastings and Richards Streets, and this proximity facilitates access and exchange among all members of our program. Strong bonds between students, as well as robust intellectual and social community - achieved in part through our active student society (the Urban Studies Graduate Students Society - makr our program's student culture.

For those with the time to devote to extracurricular activities, the program has much to offer. Students have the option of participating in multi-day field trips to Portland or Seattle every spring and we regularly host distinguished local and out-of-town speakers. 

Our students reflect the talent and diversity of cities across Canada and beyond. Some have decided to pursue a graduate credential after gaining urban experience working for local governments, public or private sector organizations, or in a broad range of non-urban fields, including the film and biotech industries, teaching, tourism and recreation, politics, engineering, arts administration and fine arts. Others join us directly after completing undergraduate degrees in a variety of disciplines.

Prospective students may wish to sign up for our newsletter or review past editions of the newsletter as a way of getting a better sense of our program and the people involved in it.