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The SFU Aboriginal Reconciliation Council (SFU-ARC) engaged in discussions about how the 94 recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission will be addressed at the University.

Simon Fraser University has committed $9M toward projects to promote reconciliation within the SFU community. 


Open Forum

We've synthesized all feedback and submissions into a final report, and we invite the SFU community to provide feedback on the draft report before it is finalized.  Join us for our final open forum:

Wednesday, July 12, 2017
2:00 - 4:00pm
Diamond Alumni Centre (DAC) Fraser-Thompson Room


Report Feedback

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has participated in or followed the work of SFU’s Aboriginal Reconciliation Council (ARC). Over the past 10 months, ARC has heard many ideas related to advancing reconciliation on our three campuses. We have consulted broadly with the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities both on and off campus. Through these consultations, we have done our best to summarize and synthesize the community feedback that was received into a final draft report.

The recommendations within the report will guide how the university will allocate $9M in strategic funding for projects and initiatives that will support reconciliation efforts over the next three years.

At this stage, ARC invites brief comments about the report regarding potential errors, misrepresentations, or key omissions. We invite you to provide your comments via our online feedback form until Friday, July 7 at 4:00 PM.

The members of the ARC also wish to emphasize that the ARC Report is only the beginning of opportunity for input and change. For continuing and more extensive feedback, the report is recommending a variety of events and committees including campus-wide conferences and educational campaigns (p. 18), a senior Aboriginal leadership and administration position (p. 46), an Institute for Indigenous Dialogue, Governance, and Empowerment (pp. 44, 53), an Indigenous Curriculum Resource Centre and Review Committee (p. 47), and a community liaison officer (p. 53).

Following submission of community feedback, ARC will host an open forum in July at which the co-chairs, Dean Kris Magnusson and Chris Lewis will hear final in-person feedback, present highlights of the final report, the Calls to Action (CTAs), and plans for the official handover ceremony in the Fall.



The SFU-ARC has consulted broadly with the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities both on and off campus, and has developed a set of recommendations to guide the University in targeting the funds in ways that will support reconciliation efforts over the next three years.

Why reconciliation is important to SFU

As an educational institution, SFU has a particular responsibility to acknowledge the systematic damage that was done to Aboriginal communities and people through residential schools, and to work to address that damage.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission described the reconciliation process as a means to rebuild relationships. Working toward reconciliation is difficult, emotional work. We hope that the projects and ideas generated by the SFU-ARC will move us along the path toward reconciliation and a renewed, positive relationship with our Aboriginal communities.

Learn more

If you have not yet read the Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, we encourage you to do so. The Calls to Action are of particular relevance to the work of the SFU-ARC.

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