As Vice-President, People, Equity and Inclusion, Yabome Gilpin-Jackson chairs a number of councils and committees that help advance the people experience at SFU.

SFU Accessibility Committee

In response to the Accessible BC Act and to meet the goals of the Equity Compass, SFU has created its first pan-university Accessibility Committee. The Accessibility Committee will assist SFU in identifying barriers and raise awareness about accessibility and inclusion. It will also set standards, increase accessibility within the organization, review existing policies develop an action plan and explore the development of an accessibility policy.

EDI Advisory Council

The mandate of SFU's EDI Advisory Council is to strengthen our commitment to fostering inclusive workplaces and learning environments, and equitable opportunities for all. The EDI Advisory Council will provide high-level, strategic reflections and guidance to the President and Vice-President, People, Equity and Inclusion on EDI-related priorities, strategies and policies. It will also provide advice on programs, systemic barriers and the university’s EDI responsibilities.