Launch of People Plan and Equity Compass to provide clear guidance to transform the SFU experience

April 27, 2023

Nearly a year ago, I stepped into the newly created role of Vice-President, People Equity and Inclusion with a clear mandate: to align our people strategies, equity office and faculty experience at SFU. 

Over the past year, our newly formed People, Equity and Inclusion leadership team have taken the time to listen to faculty, staff and students and understand the supports you need. Guided by these conversations, we have developed clear, comprehensive strategies aligned with our community’s needs to help guide our path forward.

Today, in alignment with What’s Next: The SFU Strategy, I am excited to share our commitment to transforming the people experience at SFU, outlining our five-year action plans in two institution-wide strategies.

  • People Plan: The People Plan is an integrated blueprint for transforming the faculty and staff experience at SFU for the next 5 years (2023-2028), supporting our people to deliver on the academic mission. These people strategies will be supported by the People and Organization Development Office and the Human Resources and Labour Relations Office. 
  • Equity Compass: The Equity Compass is a strategic framework outlining the focus for SFU’s institutional equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) work over the next five years (2023-2028) to help build an SFU where all can thrive. The Equity Compass actions will be worked on at the institutional level, led, supported or coordinated by SFU’s inaugural Equity Office.

Our work is just beginning, and our People, Equity and Inclusion portfolio is excited to get started. Our next steps include prioritizing initial actions and identifying project leads.  

Thank you for all who shared their thoughts and provided their input in the past year. We look forward to sharing our progress as we work to create a more equitable, inclusive and welcoming university experience for the SFU community.


Yabome Gilpin-Jackson

Vice-President, People, Equity and Inclusion